The key is to determine your category of yips:


Definition: A dysfunction of motor performance. Symptoms include jerks, tremors, twitches or freezing of the motion. Yips are exacerbated by anxiety, but it is not the cause of the yips.

Neurological yips are more commonly known as a focal dystonia, a neurological condition that affects a muscle or group of muscles in a specific part of the body causing involuntary muscular contractions. A small percentage of yips are true focal dystonias.

Psychological yips look very similar to neurological yips; however, the cause is psychological in origin. The pattern of yips may be conditional (only occurring in some conditions), intermittent (come and go) or both conditional and intermittent.


We are a research based website with the goal of informing performers. Included in this section are applied papers on the yips (focal dystonia) that include research, and research articles that are available to the public. References may also be listed for articles under copyright with research journals and books.


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